AQUARIUS     20th January to 18th February 

Your Ruling Planet         Saturn,  Uranus

Your Element                  Air

Born in Sign:                   Fixed


Being the eleventh sign of the zodiac, you have a broad outlook and human understanding. You are outspoken, social, intelligent, and you possess good retentive power. You are also shrewd, clever headed you have your own way of thinking and doing thingsand you carry out your works according to your own discretion.


You are middle stature strong person and have broad shoulder and large bones with a little amount of grace and your physical appearance is quite striking. Quite of you possess high cheeks and a peculiar winning smile.


You have an alert mind, and are keen to acquire more knowledge.   You have striking intuitive and psychic powers. You possess a strong   will power, and are hard working. You are fond of solitude, and are   patient and persevering in your efforts. You are religious and philosophical.   You see religion and philosophy as a manifestation of beauty and harmony,   a means of universal love and service to mankind.

Profession and Career

Since you a scientific bent of mind the profession and career best suited for you are   Finance Marketing, Administration, Writing, Physiologists, Acting and you excel   well when you are given the chance to handle most difficult situation or posts .   You are also excellent when it comes to public dealing and can speak well in public   Meetings. You do well as Leaders, Managers and Bosses.

B         Business and Finances

You are not so keen on building your bank balance, yet you do save money, which you are inclined to use for the benefit of the public at large. You have   a strong desire to possess a second house, such as a country home. You are   fond of traveling, but one of these journeys will be the cause of financial   reverses or loss in social position.

You Match With           Gemini, Libra Or Aquarius.   

Romance And Marriage

Your domestic life is usually gets disturbed when you tend to lose your   mental balance .Your love affairs will have a strong intellectual and artistic bias.   Since you are very idealistic, you will have to be adaptable in your matrimonial relationship, even if you find that your partner does not come up to your standard.

Health and Disease

You suffer from high blood pressure, hardening of arteries and   Circulatory problems. Your sign rules nervous and lymphatic systems   the ankles, calves of the legs, and throat, lungs, heart. You have a strong constitution, but are liable to fall ill suddenly, and such illnesses affect your   nervous system.


Since you are over sensitive, your feelings are easily hurt .You often tend to   loose control of yourself and do undesirable acts or things which you regret later. Though you are quite social yet you suffer from loneliness at times. In personal   life you often indulge in lovely romantic affairs or extra marital affairs which make your married life unhappy.

Lucky Days    Sunday, Saturday

Lucky Colors  Purple, Grey, black, blue,  green.

Lucky Stone   Sapphire, aquamarine, opal, onyx.

Your Lucky Numbers    4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 49.   


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